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CFCBB - French Belgian Shepherd Club
Van de Hoge Laer
CEPPB - Spanish Belgian Shepherd Club Van Sparrebos Tervueren
Scottatura Belgian Shepherds Van den Lamar Belgian Shepherds
Unofficial N.V.B.H. Homepage for Belgian Shepherds (Holland)
Van Lanas Hof Groenendael Van Belgisch Schoon Groenendael
kennel de conte de Fee (Holland)

Chemin des Sorcières
Comme un rève Noir Del Castel Sardo

van den Schagerwaard

Dark Brightness Dutch Belgian Breed Club

Of Ginno's Home

L'Auberge de Hokulea

Chimindoa Abarafunda

Pampre Sacre

Hameau St Blaise (Belgium) La Rosa Tatuata (Italy)

La Maison Kyrel

Mongo Mon

The Belgian Shepherds Homeland Page

Piero Cavigliasso's Belgian Shepherd Homepage (Italy) 

Laekenois d'Eroudur

"Tjaran van de Hoge Laer"

"High Clearings Zappa"

Perles Noires - Groenendael (France)

Norbert Braun's Homepage (Germany)

del Colle Ombroso (Italy)

Baiser Orageux (France)

Domaine de Vauroux (France)


Working Malinois - Poland


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