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'Lorenzo' is loved and owned by Jeannet and Lydia Mulders in Holland
  • Eindhoven 3rd February 2012 - 2 excellent Intermediate class - judge H. Assenmacher Feijel
  • Groningen 3rd March 2012 - 1 excellent Res CAC/CACIB Intermediate class - judge D Althof
  • Hulten/Tilburg NL 9th June 2012 - 1st excellent CAC/CACIB/BOB Open class - judge R.Vanhoeneacker
  • Dortmund 12th October 2012 - V1/1st excellent Open Class - judge Wilfried Peper
  • Dortumind 14th October 2012 - V2/ 2nd excellent Open Class - judge Jesper Andersson
  • Erkelenz 27th March 2013 - V1/1st excellent Open Class - judge Hana Pisarcikova
  • Utrecht 9th April 2016 Reserve CAC
  • Zwolle 22nd May 2016 BHCN - 3rd Exc Open Class - judge Meike Krug

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