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Basil lives in Australia with Glenn Moore and Craig Bussell

Basil has had a very successful career to date, both in Europe and Australia. Basil lived in Holland and was cared for by Jolanda Prins before he was eligible to be exported to Australia. Basil won Best Puppy in Show awards in Holland, Belgium and Germany and he became an Australian Champion in August 2015.

  • CC, Best of Breed, CC, Best of Breed, Shepparton & District KC 12th May 2018 - Judge J Ford (NSW)
  • CC, Best of Breed, Runner Up Best Exhibit in Show, Best in Group, Town & Country Kennel Club Inc (VIC) (Champ Show) 2nd April 2018 - Group Judge: Mrs J Keenan (Vic), General Specials Judge: Mr R Bridgford (Vic)
  • CC, Best of Breed, Runner Up Best in Group, Eltham & District Kennel Club Inc (VIC) (Champ Show)24th March 2018 - Judge: Ms T Kirkland (Vic)
  • CC, Best of Breed, Runner Up Best in Group, Yarra Glen Kennel Club Inc (SHOW 2) (VIC) (Champ Show)3rd March 2018 - Judge: Miss J Aspinall (Vic)
  • CC, Runner Up Best in Group, Lady Bay Kennel Club Inc (PM Show) (VIC) (Champ Show) 20th January 2018 - judge: Mr A Jones (TAS)
  • CC, Best on Breed, Best in Group, South Eastern Kennel Club (VIC) (Champ Show) 14th January 2018 - judge: Ms A Huggins (NSW
  • CC New South Wales Specialty Show 16th September 2017 judge Jan Ralph
  • CC and Best of Breed All Breeds Show Queenland 11th June 2017 judge Jean Lawless
  • CC Queensland Specialty Show 10th June 2017 judge Kelly Lawless
  • CC, BOB, Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group (Group 2nd) 18th February 2017- judge Prof B Corbitt (Qld)
  • Garden State Kennel Club Champ show, Best Exhibit in Group (Group 1st), Best Intermediate in Group under Working dog specialist Mrs J Cronchey (vic) and Best Intermediate in show Mr W Mooney
  • Sunbury Canine Club CC & BOB judge M Vermeire (Belgium) and pulled out in the final line up for Best in Group by K Nielson (Denmark) 1st November 2016.
  • CC & BOB at Victorian Women's Dog Club under judge A Smith 31st October 2016
  • Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Championship BEST IN SHOW under breed specialist D Spruyt (Belgium)29th October 2016
  • Euroa Agricultural Society All Breeds Championship show CC, BOB, Best Exhibit in Group 5 (Group 1st) Best Intermediate in Group under Working dog specialist Mr G Gaut
  • Bendigo Championship show CC, BOB, Runner Up Best in Group (Group 2nd) Best Open in Group 17th June 2016
  • Ladies Kennel Club Champ show 14th May 2016 CC, Best of Breed and last 4 in the group and Best Intermediate in Group - judge Mrs P Barclay
  • CC, BOB Best Intermediate in Group Kuchua 7th November 2015- judge G Kerr (Qld)
  • CC and Best of Breed, Reserve in Group (Group 2nd) Best Intermediate in Group, Kyneton & District Kennel Club Champ Show 27th September 2015 - judge Mr R Bennetts
  • Dog CAC New South Wales Belgian Specialty 10th September 2016, judge Emanuele Boriero
  • CC Sydney Belgian Shepherd Specialty 12th September - judge Meike Krug
  • Basil officially becomes an Australian Champion - 28th August 2015
  • CC, Best of Breed, 2nd in Group, Best Intermediate in Group, Heidelberg & District Kennel Club 25th July 2015 - judge D. Sidebottom
  • Reserve Best Exhibit in Group (Group 2nd) and Best Intermediate in Group at Ipswich Kennel Club Champ show 9th June 2015 - judge Mrs J McErlane
  • CC, BOB Tervueren, Best Junior in Group Seymour & District KC Champ show 16th May 2015 - judge D Morris
  • CC, BOB, Best Junior in Group then Best Junior in Show Berwick All Breeds Champ show 14th March 2015 - judge Mr B Bell
  • CC, BoB, Reserve Best in Group (2nd in Group) and Best Junior in Group Bendigo Kennel Club PM Champ show 14th February 2015 - judge Prof B Corbitt
  • Dog CC, BOB and Best Exhibit in Group (Group 1st) Maryborough Championship show 14th December 2014 - judge Margaret Joyce
  • Best Puppy in show BHCN Specialty Show Hollanda 14th September 2014 - judges Firmin Aertgeers and Jean Lawless
  • Best Exhibit in Show @ The Young and Old Dog show in Belgium 10th August 2014 - Judges: Michelle Bidault and Eric Desschans
  • Best puppy in show at the Germany specialty 17th June
  • Best Baby Puppy In Show at the Dutch Specialty 11th May 2014
  • Best Baby Puppy In Show at the Belgian Specialty in Belgium 3rd May 2014 - judge Mme Gonzalas (Spain)
  • Young and Old Dog show in Holland 6th April 2014 Basil wins Best Baby Puppy in show at his first show - judge Kelly Lawless


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